The Company Akselere has now been in existence since 1999 and had notions of transmission and pedagogy as one of its initial aims. The company’s founder, Colette Garrigan is still particularly attentive to these two themes. She even trained as a Montessori teacher at the Montessori higher institute in Paris in 2004. She is a fully qualified AMI Montessori teacher for 3-6 year olds.

Almost 20 years have passed and the cultural educational projects have multiplied. Akselere puts diverse projects into place every year with the local population in Normandy and also in partnership with structures that welcome our performance work, (Festivals, Theatres and National Theatres…).

Artistic intervention is a central axe in the Company’s work. These cultural interventions are carried out in parallel to the creating of our shows. Their contents are strongly linked to the artistic themes being worked on at the time.

These cultural interventions allow Colette Garrigan to nourish her creative process and to develop her work on stage.

The aim of these projects is to offer an alternative to the participants: using her life experience gained in the suburbs of Liverpool and her artistic background in England, France and beyond, Colette Garrigan wishes to share her experience and to work on the different alternatives available to us and that appear to us during the course of our lives; whether they be on a professional, human or social basis.

The challenge is to show that these possibilities exist for each and every one of us but it is necessary to question our way of seeing things, our ideas and thoughts and widen our vision and thereby recognise new paths.

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