36ème dessous

36ème dessous


The story

36ème Dessous’ is a show once again inspired by Ken Loach’s work. We hear a powerful rumbling, that of an earthquake or an explosion. The light arrives on stage and through the dust we start to see a table. There is a beam; it’s fall has been broken by this table. We are in the ruins of what was once a kitchen. Everything is covered by rubble, piles of stones. On the table there are biscuit tins, kitchen things, piles of stones, piles of dust. Curiously all is in order. Order has been created within this disorder by a woman who lives there, who survives there. She took shelter under her kitchen table, the rumbling only lasted 23 seconds. In this microcosm everything has fallen apart. Fragments of her life are there, scattered around her in the ruins, she tries to re assemble them. All is not lost, even when we are down so far there are possibilities. An unlikely meeting will take place under her table. A meeting that will show her that a way out is possible.


Director’s Notes

I want to talk about bravery. When we, human beings are in the dead end situations, we sometimes show great courage and are capable or super human acts. The filmmaker, Ken Loach, inspires me. I find his influence in my work. It is ‘Looking For Eric’ that gives me a starting point for this show as well as the book ‘The Other’ by André Chedid.

I situate us in the ruins of an earthquake or gas explosion. This is an extreme situation in which we have to really hang on in there and where we have to dig in order to unearth our convictions and strength to survive. And even in such extreme situations there are always surprise meetings that help us to find the exit!

I want to go back to pure Puppetry, to get back behind the puppet, to become invisible and get back to basics!


A show suitable for 13 years and up wards
A short show. With Puppets and Object theatre.
Performance length – 28 minutes

Written and directed by : Colette Garrigan
Performed by : Colette Garrigan
Sound universe : Fabrice Bisson
Set builder : Sylvain Diamand
Lighting : Olivier Bourguignon / Jérôme Houles
Sound : Antoine Quoniam / Pierre Blin
Photos : Virginie Meigné
Audience capacity: 50 people
Stage space: 4m x 3m – Height 2,5m
Total blackout required.
Production: Association Cie Akselere

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