Le ballet des mains rouges

Le ballet des mains rouges


The Story

We are in Scotland on the heath for the famous Shakespearian tragedy with the cursed name, commonly known as, ‘The Scottish Play’. A soldier chosen by three weird sisters to become king, his wife manipulated to trap him, a bloody story indeed. An epic told in 10 minutes.


Director’s Notes

It was at the same time to accompany the tour of our show « Lady Macbeth, Queen of Scotland’ and to raise the public’s awareness of puppetry arts that the M.A.R.T.O festival commissioned me to make a short, ten minute long street / shop window show. I decided to work around hands, to create a ballet of Lady Macbeth’s hands. Our hands can create, destroy, make or undo!! Hands that transform themselves, that manipulate objects, becoming Shakespearian characters. Two hands to tell Lady Macbeth’s story, in ten minutes!


Object theatre
Family Audience
Performance lenght :  10 min

Written and directed by : Colette Garrigan
Performed by : Colette Garrigan ou Laura Muller
Puppet booth : Sylvain Diamand
Lighting : Olivier Bourguignon
Sound : Antoine Quoniam
Sound universe : Pierre Blin  ou Jérôme Houles
Photos : Mairie de Clamart
Show in a shop window looking out to the street.
The show needs a space behind the window of 1,20 m wide 1,80 m high 1,20 m deep.


Production: Association Cie Akselere
Coproductions : Festival M.A.R.TO with the support of the Council Hauts-de-Seine. This show is part of the project “Troublantes Apparences” repertory, short shows for shop windows, created by the initiative of the Mouffetard Puppet Theater in Paris and in association with Latitude Puppetry

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