Through The Looking Glass

Through The Looking Glass

Original creation in 2009 as ‘Crowning Glory’
Re Creation 2015

The Story

Through the Looking Glass’ is a show inspired by Lewis Carroll’s work. We are in a hairdresser’s salon. The hairdresser goes through to the other side of the mirror; she follows the footsteps of a little girl who is holding out her hand. And she tells her story. The little girl as a child is like a pawn on the great chessboard of life, the pawn moves from square to square, there are eight of them.

She is a child who wants to grow up, to become queen. And becoming queen is possible, like Carroll’s Alice you just have to follow the rules of the game.



Director’s Notes

From ‘Crowning Glory’ to ‘Through the looking Glass’

2016 marked the tenth anniversary of Sleeping Beauty, the show that changed the life of the Cie Akselere. This was a hard act to follow. It was Crowning Glory that followed. And the show had a difficult time finding it’s place. It was a heavy task, proving that there was life after the Liverpool Princess. After having performed the trilogy Sleeping Beauty – Crowning Glory – Mary Brown in April 2014 at the Théâtre Dunois à Paris, I understood that this show and the story I was telling was very important to me. So I decided to rework the show, to give it a second chance.

I began by looking into a mirror. I wanted to speak about resilience, how to transform things, how to change how we look at things. How can we let the ugly duckling become a swan, or like in Lewis’s Alice; how can we let the pawn become queen. In this show the hairdresser moves from square to square, an initiation, a journey that will allow her to see who she really is, to find her place in the world. Just like Sleeping Beauty is a transposition of the fairy tale with the same name, Crowning Glory is a transposition of Lewis Carroll’s ‘Through the Looking Glass’. And this became the show’s new name!


A show suitable for 13 years and up wards
Acting – shadow theatre – object theatre
Performance length – 55 minutes

Written & directed by : Colette Garrigan et Sylvain Diamand
Performed by : Colette Garrigan
Sound universe : Jeff Gondek
Lighting : Olivier Beaudequin / Olivier Bourguignon
Sound : Antoine Quoniam
Set builder : Sylvain Diamand
Prop maker : Jonas Delhaye
Sewing : Nathalie Deslandes
Hairdresser : HIZZY
Artistic collaboration : Sarah de Foresta et Johanna Saalo
Marja Nykanen et Claude Lapointe

Light technicians : Olivier Bourguignon / Jérôme Houles
Sound technicians : Antoine Quoniam / Pierre Blin
Photos : Éric Grundmann
Audience capacity: 120 to 180 people
Stage space: 6m x 6m – Height 3,5m
Total blackout required.


Création originale en 2009 de ‘Crowning Glory’.
Production : Association Cie Akselere
Coproductions : Espace Jean Vilar d’Ifs et le Théâtre Jeune Public de Strasbourg.

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